“For Copywriters Who Deserve the Ultimate
Time Saving, Idea Generating Insider Short-Cuts…But Don’t Have Decades To Assemble
A World-Class Swipe File”


Dear Copywriting Colleague,

What’s the value of one good idea to your business?

Not a great idea, just a good one.

We live in a world of ideas. Ideas and multiples.

We take ideas and turn them into ads. Then we put our ads in front of the masses and wait for one to work its magic.

And we watch as one ad miraculously does the work of one hundred people. That’s what makes our business the most exciting in the world.

But where are you getting your ideas from?

I don’t care if you’re an A-Lister, a rookie writer or somewhere in between.

We all face the same problem of staring down the blank screen and wondering, “where do I start?”

Sometimes, all it takes is one good idea to set you on the fast track.

Seize the right hook or advertising appeal and your promo can often write itself.

Pursue the wrong one and you can wake up to the painful realization that you’ve spent days — or even weeks — on a promotion that’s going nowhere.

Picture this…

Two financial copywriters are tasked with writing ads to sell themselves and their copywriting services.

Both understand everything from financial services to options trading better than most talking heads on CNBC.

Yet, one walks away with three times as many clients as his equally talented colleague…while charging higher fees.


Because the winner doesn’t rely on “inspiration.”

He starts by asking himself the critical question — “what’s worked before?”

Then, he adopts a strategy — not the copy but a strategy — used years earlier by Ogilvy & Mather Direct, to attract whale-sized clients in the financial services industry.

Why does the winning writer turn to the strategy used in this successful ad?

Because it shows him exactly how to project himself as knowing more about financial advertising than his colleague — or anyone else for that matter.

And the prospects who read this writer’s lead gen piece are simply overwhelmed with so much useful information, most hire him on the spot.

Legendary copywriter, Gene Schwartz, said it best.

“The person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable
makes the most money.”

Gene knew we live in a world of disproportionate rewards.

The speed skater who finishes a split second faster than his rival gets the gold.

The major league batter who hits one more pitch of out ten than his teammate earns several multiples his colleague’s salary.

And the ad writer who crafts a marginally better piece than the current control can see profits for years to come from that single ad.

One good idea applied in the right way…in the right market…can yield incredible dividends.

That’s why I’ve spent a tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours creating the Ultimate Online Swipe File.

But a lot has changed since Gary Bencivenga asked me to speak about it at his Retirement Seminar almost five years ago.

Now, the Ultimate Online Swipe File boasts a massive storehouse of direct mail in addition to space advertising.

Newly launched video series

If you qualify*…the greatest
direct response ad collection…just a click away


David Ogilvy helping you craft your headlines…

Gene Schwartz polishing your offers…

Mel Martin schooling you in fascinations that sell…

Bud Weckesser sharing his formula for blockbuster weight loss ads…

And that’s just the beginning because the Ultimate Online Swipe File isn’t about any one writer or style of copywriting. What works in one market often bombs in another. And what works today can fall on its face tomorrow. That’s why I’m on a constant quest to spot the latest trends and breakthroughs in direct mail, space and online today.

Gary Bencivenga called me “the world’s direct response researcher” and I pull out all the stops to bring you the hottest pieces I can find. Perhaps, as important, I tip you off about any minefields I’ve learned about…potentially saving you time, money and needless headache.

The Ultimate Online Swipe File…The “Ad Clipping” Service
By (And For) the Superstars

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover…

  • How a billion-in-sales marketer uses long copy to sell commodity items at 8-10 times the price of his competition.
  • The consultant who walked into a big bank’s headquarters with a 15-year-old ad and walked out with a 6-figure check
  • The publishing company which thrived during the last recession (while rescuing countless businesses from receivership.)
  • The 5-word pre-head that routinely bumps response to any space ad
  • How this cosmetics manufacturer uses a ‘phantom ingredient’ to charge unheard of prices…while customers happily line up.
  • The broke self-publisher who dared challenge a giant publishing house…and became a three time best-selling-author…thanks to his space ads
  • How an 89-year-old advertising genius tripled the response to his offer with a testimonial from the world’s wealthiest man…who was also dead at the time.
  • 5 laws for building a bond of trust around your financial services product
  • 3 business models for taking your direct response company to $100 million per annum. If you know these three…you’re headed there yourself.
  • A billion-in-sales copywriter’s coupon language that doubled response.
  • The upstart company that made millions overnight swiping an 80-year old business model.
  • 2 almost foolproof techniques for ‘little guys’ to consistently steal ad space for 50%-80% off quoted rates.
  • How the amazing copywriter with the “unidentifiable style” outsells everyone else my many multiples.
  • The most reliable way of selling one million copies of a $12.95 book using only one step advertising.
  • ‘The hook’ savvy financial planners use to double their inquires. Works better in a bear market.

Who Is This Not For?…Who Is This For?

If you’re looking for the latest “CPA-get-rich-traffic-generating doohickie,” this isn’t for you.

If you’re looking for a magic template that writes your ads for you and creates instant winners, this isn’t it.

If the names Hopkins, Caples and Ogilvy cause a blank stare, take a pass and buy their books instead.

And if you need someone to hold your hand and make iron-clad assurances before you part with a C-note, this also isn’t for you. Outside of the little Internet fantasy realm many seem to inhabit, there are no guarantees in our business…and I make none. This is a game for big boys and girls.

So, who’s this for?

If you have an established marketing or copywriting business and recognize the leverage and speed you’ll gain…then all you have to do is acknowledge the straight-forward terms on the agreement page.

NOW…for the cost of a Starbuck’s…you can tap into
the first BILLION DOLLAR, online resource for
serious copywriters and direct marketers

If you’re like most, you think nothing of spending for Starbucks one or more times a day. But what do you really get in return besides the jitters and frequent trips to the restroom?

As Joe Karbo, famously closed his ads for the “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches,” 30 days from now, you can be 30 days older or you could be on your way to a year of breakthroughs. The choice is yours.

Yours for bolder ideas,

P.S. Copywriters and marketers from around the world have been using the Ultimate Online Swipe File for over five years now. If you’re ready for an “unfair” advantage, then here’s your chance.