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And with thousands of pages of direct mail control copy and hundreds of space ads (and growing) — written by the legends of direct response advertising including: David Ogilvy, John Caples, Victor Schwab, Bruce Barton, Eugene Schwartz, Mel Martin, Gary Bencivenga, and many more — you won’t find a larger collection of ads anywhere else entirely accessible online and downloadable to your computer.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in the all-new Platinum Edition of the Ultimate Online Swipe File:

  • 77 Massive Magalogs in Health and Alternative Medicine. Over 1,500 pages of keyword searchable control copy from the largest and most successful direct response publishers. Where else are you going to find dozens of winning magalogs that have been vetted with millions of testing dollars? (Value $497)
  • Mel Martin’s (Almost) Complete Space Ad Swipe File. Mel is the father of the modern copywriting fascination and he’s been called “the greatest copywriter nobody’s heard of” because his work was kept under wraps while his ads propelled Boardroom to over $100 million per annum. Marty Edelston, the founder of Boardroom called these ads the “greatest book advertising ever written” and says of these ads: “I had been looking for these impossible to find masterpieces of Mel Martin’s for many, many years. I now have them (and a massive batch of other greats) thanks to the amazing archival talents of Lawrence Bernstein.” (Sold a slew of just this ad collection for $97)
  • Case Study: “How To Sell At Prices Ten Times Higher Than The Competition.” How can you take a $30-$40 commodity product you find in Walmart or Target and sell it for $300? With a proven copywriting and direct marketing formula…that’s how. Dozens of ads demonstrate this remarkable “copywriting style with no style.” Never before revealed. (Value $197)
  • The Ultimate Home Study Course Marketing: Hume Financial. Over a dozen space ads Gary Bencivenga called “uniformly great.” (Value $97)
  • Case Study: The Consultant’s Six-Figure Swipe. How a consultant walked into a bank with a 20-year old ad and strolled out with a six-figure check.
  • 17 “Lost” Ogilvy and Mather House Ads…the Ultimate Swipeable Ads for the ‘Whale Hunting’ Freelancer Today. Here’s what David Ogilvy says of these famous “house ads” which took print advertising by storm in the 1960’s and 1970’s: “Left alone, copywriters write ads to impress other copywriters, and art directors make layouts to impress other art directors. The purpose of my ads was to project the agency as knowing more about advertising. You may argue that this strategy was ill-advised, knowledge being no guarantee of “creativity.” But at least it was unique, because no other agency could have run such advertisements — they lacked the required knowledge. My ads not only promised useful information, they provided it. And they worked — in many countries. ” (Value $297)
  • Hypnosis and Occult Swipe File (Value $67)
  • Case study: Advertising Joint Ventures or “Endorsed Mailings In Space.” Without capital, without a list and without the credibility that often takes years to cultivate, it’s possible to borrow these from a joint venture partner who’s willing to take you on board.
  • Weight Loss Swipe File — 50 Space Ads. Dozens of brilliant ideas from books to supplements and plenty of yesteryear’s successful, now forgotten ads. (Value $ 197)
  • Eugene Schwartz’s (Almost) Complete Space Ad Swipe File. Every ad from “100 Money Blueprints” is in here and fully searchable. Study these ads and learn: How to harness the power of “see-page bullets” to make your prospects drool with desire for your product…How to explode the power of advertising claims with time frames…How to create powerful word pictures that leap off the page…Secrets of text boxes that beacon to your prospects like a lighthouse in a sea of clutter (Value $237)
  • Case Study: How the ex-son-in-law of this direct marketing legend is outdoing him at his own game.
  • Gary Bencivenga Space Ad Swipe File. Not a lot — about ten or so — but timeless. I almost sold a car I didn’t own (my wife’s) to attend his seminar in New York four years ago. He mentioned something in his sales piece about not hocking your own car to attend, so I thought it was okay.
  • Financial Swipe File. Hundreds of pages of control copy (newsletters, advisories, home study courses) soon to be unveiled. (Value $497)
  • Plus way more than there’s space to mention…