Comments from other Copywriters & Direct Marketers

“Beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition – 4 straight times.”

“I saw you on the Gary Bencivenga retirement DVDs that I purchased. Great publicity for you.

I have to tell you, combining Gary’s wisdom with your swipe files is a lethal weapon.

Confidentially, because I’m not a braggart (in fact, you’re the first person I’ve told this to), my design partner and I have beaten A-list, world-class copywriting and design competition – 4 straight times. That’s how much I’ve benefited from–and appreciate – your material.”

Rich Silver
Crow Moon Marketing


“I had been looking for these impossible to find masterpieces of Mel Martin’s for many, many years. I now have them (and a massive batch of other greats) thanks to the amazing archival talents of Lawrence Bernstein.”

Marty Edelston
President, Boardroom Inc.

“The best source I have ever found…”

“One of the secrets I teach copywriters and marketers who want to be more successful is to be sure they read a great direct response ad every day.

But where do you find an almost limitless supply of great ads to be inspired by?

The best source I have ever found is Lawrence’s Ultimate Online Swipe File. I’ve been writing copy for more than 40 years now, and I still do my ‘ad-a-day’ thing, just to keep sharp.

I never fail to be inspired with new ideas when browsing through Lawrence’s collection of ads. I would gladly have paid him ten times, even 100 times its price. Investing in your own knowledge is always the greatest investment you can make, and this is one of the smartest ways to do it.”

Gary Bencivenga
World’s greatest copywriter

“My jaw is literally black and blue…”

“My jaw is literally black and blue from hitting the floor over and over again as I got to see the techniques you’ve uncovered. I never dreamed many of these things were even possible, let alone how easy you’ve made them. The word ‘miraculous’ comes to mind.

My advice:

For anyone who is serious about producing great ad copy or developing successful new information products, the techniques revealed in this course will give you the equivalent power of having a full time staff of professional researchers at your beck and call 24/ 7.

If you’re a real player, you’ve got to have this thing. It’s that simple.”

Ken McCarthy
The System Seminar

“If you want to succeed…”

“God, Lawrence, I really appreciate your stuff, so here’s a testimonial:

If you want to succeed gloriously in this business (assuming you have any talent, of course) sit down for a month and read, learn and practice the principles you unearth in this treasury of great stuff. Marvellous!”

Drayton Bird
(David Ogilvy said he “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”)

“makes idea generation so darn easy…

Man, what a site…truly unbelievable.

I just started a CELLULITE ad for a client…and first off, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. So I clicked on the UOSF and started pawing around on that list of titles after the Suarez article…24 different ads?


That’s a goldmine by itself.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg?

I’m awed.

If one of my staff hadn’t been sick yesterday she’d have been downloading and 3-hole punching for half the morning.

I gotta have a big box of Kleenex when I see your new entries…I just can’t stop drooling…and it’s hard to use the keyboard when it’s covered with plastic (a pitcher of water keep my fluids replinished).

I now keep your Ultimate Online Swipe File open on my desktop when I’m working.

Anyway, I sent you just the beginning of it in a pdf so you could see the resemblance. Of course, it’s barely hatched so far and I’ll change the headline 20 times–but it makes idea generation so darn easy with all these amazing templates scattered around me as I’m putting the ad together.

You’re one crazy dude to do all this work, but until you get therapy, I’ll take advantage of it with glee!

Dr. Jack Booman

“Midnight inspiration…”

What do you do when you need midnight inspiration for a copywriting or direct marketing project and you don’t have weeks to wait for expensive photocopies to be sent through postal mail?


You go to the Ultimate Online Swipe File.

I’ve been using it for years. I don’t know of another site on the Internet with so many examples of control copy that you can search for by keyword

This is a membership site that has no cost – it’s as great an investment as direct marketers and copywriters can make.

Leonardo Habegger
Zurich, Switzerland

“…secret weapon “

“This is by far the greatest swipe file of all time. Nowhere else can you find as many great ads written by as many great copywriters as in the resources you give us easy access to.

Thanks for showing me how to gain access to it. The fact that it is only accessible through the techniques you show makes it all the more valuable to me. It has now become my #1 secret weapon.”

Carl Galletti
World-famous copywriter

“…a no brainer.”

I want to take a moment to thank you for providing these updates.

You are one of those rare marketers who supports his customers LONG after the sale.

Recommending The Ultimate Online Swipe File to fellow copywriters is truly a no brainer.

Karl Barndt
Direct response copywriter

“…I use the Research Magnet for every one of my writing projects”

Every true marketer and copywriter needs an arsenal of tools to create consistent winning copy.

Lawrence, you’ve created an absolutely invaluable resource. What used to take hours of combing through and cross referencing research databases, now is only a couple clicks away.

I use the Research Magnet for EVERY one of my writing projects now and my response rates have increased dramatically.

Strong proof is the Alpha and Omega of great copy. This tool will stuff your copy with all the proof you need. Great job

Dr. Chris Donofri